Sharing New Knowledge with the Social Sector Hub

Posted on August 19, 2019

Knowledge has the greatest impact when shared. This is especially true within the social sector, given the critical work it does assisting vulnerable individuals and communities.

So how do we share knowledge within our sector, and can we do better? Outdated email lists requiring a heavy administrative load have been the norm for social sector networks, slowing down sector-wide sharing of useful information.

There has been a desire to do better, and the recently launched Social Sector Hub offers a practical solution.

The Social Sector Hub is an online network platform designed to bring the social sector together to share valuable information, tools and resources. Launched with members of the Western Sydney Vocational Support Network (WSVSN), it will roll out to other networks in the coming months.

The hub will enable more efficient networking, storage and retrieval of information, assist with the promotion of services, and contribute to engaging members within a functional network.

Sharing Knowledge and Resources Efficiently

As WSVSN’s member base has grown over the years, the listserv arrangement that it has been using for information sharing has become outdated and inefficient, clogging inboxes with irrelevant information and adding to the administrative burden.

“You were constantly having your inbox just bombarded with messages, and you'd have to read through and delete them or just add it to the tasks you've already got in your day,” said Kristie Findlater, Engagement and Operations Manager with Beyond Abilities.

Kristie said that, in contrast, the Social Sector Hub is intuitive and easy-to-use.
“It’s very user-friendly. It’s a streamlined way of getting the right information rather than receiving information you don't need through mailing lists.”

“We do a lot of networking, which has really helped strengthen our reputation in the industry. Being able to have a platform like this is just a fantastic opportunity to continue to share and inform our networks.”

Keeping Connected

Previously, key organisations within the sector, such as National Disability Support Partners (NDSP), primarily relied on network meetings, conferences and seminars for knowledge sharing.

“Unfortunately, we can’t always make every network meeting, so it’s amazing to have a platform to ensure we can still contribute and feel included in between meetings,” said Cherie Cordina, National Business Development Manager for NDSP.

“Sector engagement is a priority for NDSP. However, we need to communicate in an efficient way. The Social Sector Hub streamlines this and allows information to be stored, searched and shared when needed… it will increase networking efficiencies and support time management. There’s also a great opportunity for this to go national, which will greatly benefit our national presence and business development strategy.”

Key Features:
● Choose categories/groups to receive only relevant information
● View topic streams
● Share information with all network members or selected groups
● Ask questions of network members within a group or all network members
● Share resources and have discussions
● Control notifications through a weekly digest or summary of information shared through the platform
● View sector related information in the library from peak and funding bodies
● Include your organisation in the Service Directory
● Add your events in the Events Calendar
● Committee portal
● Help and support

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