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Posted on November 22, 2018

Changemakers Social Impact Institute give not-for-profits a chance to increase their impact as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of the social sector.

Advisory firm founded 10 years ago relaunches on a drive to help not-for-profits and businesses working in the social sector increase their impact.

Thursday 22nd November

Immediate release - Social impact advisory firm 4community is today relaunching as Social Impact Institute in a drive to help not-for-profits and businesses working in the social sector increase their impact and navigate a rapidly changing landscape.

The change comes as a shift to consumer choice, commercialism, and increased regulation looms large over those in the social change space in Australia. With decades of experience in both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors, the collective of changemakers at Social Impact Institute offer organisations a powerful dynamic of insight, clarity and action. With expectations and competition at an all-time high and resources under threat, they are driving to help more not-for-profits and businesses increase their impact whilst staying loyal to their cause and the communities they serve.

Founded in 2008, Royden Howie believed that good intentions aren't enough to transform communities and wanted to help not-for-profits maximise their impact. Today, CEO David Jack and the Social Impact Institute team have built upon this vision and continue to be trusted by leaders across Australia to help them navigate the brave new world of accountability and consumer driven decision-making, and create sustainable models of success that change the world.

With large scale changes in government policy across a range of social sectors, including aged care and disability, new regulations surrounding 'effective use of resources' and a 42 percent increase during 2017 in formal concerns about Australian charities submitted to the ACNC, the 600,000 not-for-profit organisations in Australia face increasing challenges.

Social Impact Institute offers a range of advisory services to help not-for-profits, corporates, charities and social enterprises step back from the daily grind, review the state of play and develop and successfully implement strategic plans.

Social Impact Institute:

  • Helps action marketing, fundraising, technology, culture, customer experience and process mapping solutions.
  • Sharpens insight through eye-opening research, data mapping, workshops and forums.
  • Cultivates clarity through strategy, program, culture, leadership, organisational and system design.

As well as their advisory services, Social Impact Institute shares their expertise through a series of industry events connecting service providers with consumers.

With the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) giving people living with disabilities greater choice over the services they receive, Social Impact Institute established a series of disability expos. The events connect people living with disability to the services and supports that meet their needs to live in and be active members of the community. Thousands attended their recent events in Melbourne and the Hunter Valley with further expos planned in South West Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney in 2019.

As a leading advisory firm on social impact in Australia, Social Impact Institute plans to launch other expos, including seniors expos and conferences bringing together stakeholders from across the public and social sector in 2019.

Not-for-profits, charities, social enterprises and corporates leading social change projects can start a conversation via the Social Impact Institute website and socials.

Founder of Social Impact Institute, Royden Howie said:
"Social Impact Institute began with a single, compelling idea: to increase social impact. Our proven tools and methods have helped a range of not-for-profits increase their impact already and we're excited about sharing the powerful dynamic of insight, clarity and action with more organisations as they navigate a constantly evolving sector."

CEO of Social Impact Institute, David Jack said:
"Not-for-profits and businesses are looking for ways to increase their impact, build their capacity and distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive landscape. Our events bring the sector together, and through our advisory work we're walking alongside Australia's changemakers, providing coaching and finding innovative solutions, systems and processes meeting their distinctive needs. Together, we can increase your impact."

For more information about Social Impact Institute or to interview David Jack, please contact Kathryn Carey on 0418 969 149 or

About Social Impact Institute

Social Impact Institute exists to increase the impact and sustainability of leaders and organisations within the social sector. Founded in 2008 as 4community, Social Impact Institute offers tailored advice from an impressive ecosystem of senior leaders and specialists with decades of experience in the social sector. We host regular expos and events to keep the sector connected and learning for the greater good.

Aged care, disability services, education, animal welfare, and social justice organisations rely on our insight-driven approach and experience.

Social Impact Institute is proud to partner with its not-for-profit and social enterprise clients to increase their impact and, in doing so, transform countless communities around Australia and the world.

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