Research, data & forecasting

The Social Impact Institute advantage:

  • Research that delivers business insights
  • Demographic analysis tailored to the social sector
  • Evidence-based decision-making
  • Analyse complex data to discover opportunities
  • Discover insights into community needs by combining internal data, public data and demographic data
  • Access proprietary tools, such as DataView to visualise your demographic and community data

The challenge is no longer gaining access to data. Data is everywhere. The challenge is how to discover actionable insights from your data, and how to use those insights to make better decisions.

Research and data analysis delivers the insights you need to make better decisions. Social Impact Institute specialises in research and data for the social sector. We bring data to life. Our proprietary tool, DataView, blends a range of data sets including demographic information to deliver unique insights.

While conceiving great ideas is often based on intuition, making significant investment decisions in those ideas requires evidence. We help you build confidence through research and data analysis. Our approach includes:

  • A background review of previous research
  • Analysis of existing datasets and documentation
  • Advice on pilot programs and studies
  • Evaluation of existing program models or pilots

The social sector has the ability to tap into an unprecedented number of opportunities by taking advantage of existing and emerging technologies including:

  • Data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Big data in the public domain and private datasets
  • Internal databases that record 'everything'

Social Impact Institute conducts qualitative and quantitative research to find the answers that can drive success for your organisation:

  • How effective is your program?
  • Is your program achieving a long-term impact?
  • Where should you establish a new service?
  • What unmet needs exist in your target communities?
  • What alignment is there between the location of your service centres, staff, volunteers and clients/customers?

Our research contributes to:

  • Planning
  • Program Development
  • Investment
  • Evaluation

In addition, our research capability combines extensive social sector experience designing, developing and operating programs, with significant research experience and analysis tools and skills.


We collaborate with you to find creative solutions to complex problems. We are best known for tailoring the right approach that fits with your mission and values. Then partnering through implementation to complement your team with our expertise.

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