• Insight
    through eye-opening
    research, data mapping,
    workshops, forums
  • Clarity
    through strategy, program,
    leadership, organisational
    and system design
  • Action
    through marketing, fundraising,
    technology, customer experience,
    process mapping solutions
  • Connections
    with other leaders & organisations
    through industry events (expos,
    workshops, forums)

The Social Impact Institute (formerly 4community) provides specialist advisory services and opportunities to organisations in the social sector. We were founded by senior leaders and specialists with decades of experience working for not for profits.

We are trusted to provide executive level advice to social sector leaders. We are experts in helping organisations achieve clarity, sustainability and impact. We share our connections for the collective good.
We are brave, yet professional and considered at all times.

We are experts who have worked in not-for-profits, research based, faith-based and member based organisations, charities, small start-ups and government, as well as a range of blue-chip corporates.

We work with a range of organisations across many sectors including aged care, international development, disability and health, education as well as community development.

David Jack
CEO, Social Impact Institute

  • David Jack
    CEO/Principal Advisor
  • Royden Howie
    Founder/Principal Advisor
  • Kathryn Carey
    Senior Advisor
  • Angela Wilkinson
    Senior Advisor
  • Natalie Moses
    Senior Advisor
  • Jason Carrasco
    Jason Carrasco
    Creative Manager
  • Deanne Ferguson
    Deanne Ferguson
    Graphic Designer
  • Natalie Osorio
    Natalie Osorio
    Office Manager
  • Ryan McConville
    Ryan McConville
    Marketing & Event Sales Manager
  • Mathew Botten
    Mathew Botten
    Events Manager
  • Clare McWilliams
    Clare McWilliams
    Event Sales





We collaborate with you to find creative solutions to complex problems. We are best known for tailoring the right approach that fits with your mission and values. Then partnering through implementation to complement your team with our expertise.

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