Organisational transformation

You want to extend your influence or amplify your impact in the communities you serve, but change is hard. Dedication, focus and a clear vision is required to integrate best-practice systems into the governance of your organisation.

Social Impact Institute brings your vision to life and supports your change program. Our approach includes:

  • Strategic review
  • Business review
  • Formulation of a development plan
  • Support in implementing your plans

One of the keys to success is creating a positive journey for your organisation and its people. We work with you throughout the entire change process, supporting implementation of an agreed plan and responding to new situations and stakeholder feedback.

We support your program, regardless of whether its sector reform, board-driven change, or project-related activity. This could include:

  • Incorporating major legislative changes
  • Moving to more sophisticated operating systems
  • Organisational restructuring
  • New marketing and fundraising strategies

We understand it's not always easy, but we know it is possible. Here's an example of a typical approach we take with our clients:

7 Keys to Successful Change Management

  1. Review strategic plans
  2. Understand your organisation
  3. Review business metrics and map processes
  4. Compliance review
  5. Design functional structures
  6. Secure stakeholder approval
  7. Implement change program


We collaborate with you to find creative solutions to complex problems. We are best known for tailoring the right approach that fits with your mission and values. Then partnering through implementation to complement your team with our expertise.

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