A New CRM Helps RSPCA Queensland Raise Funds and Engage Supporters

Posted on November 28, 2019

As Australia's oldest, largest and most trusted animal welfare organisation, the RSPCA rescued over 130,000 animals last year alone, helping them become fostered or adopted. To achieve its mission, the organisation relies on a robust fundraising and supporter engagement program.

To better manage its fundraising efforts and track critical animal information, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Queensland worked with Social Impact Institute to implement Causeview, Salesforce's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

Replacing an outdated system

Previously, RSPCA Queensland was using a clunky and unreliable CRM that presented a number of challenges. It was hard to handle duplicate records and, with no payment reconciliation process, managing recurring gifts was cumbersome. Data couldn't be shared with the RSPCA's call centre operators, limiting their ability to engage with donors.

A solution came in the form of Causeview, the leading CRM system for the Salesforce platform. The Social Impact Institute served as project lead, working closely with the RSPCA, Causeview and Salesforce to design, configure and implement the new system.

"Social Impact Institute's role has been providing the support and development resource to allow us to build new functionality into the system," explains Tristan Hankins, Database and Analytics Manager for the Wacol Animal Care Campus, RSPCA Queensland.

Hankins adds that Founder Royden Howie has been a mentor to him throughout the project.

"Royden has a lot of in-depth knowledge about how the back end of Causeview works, as well as a really clear understanding of how we work as an organisation," he said.

Tracking animals in need

The previous CRM also didn't sync well with the RSPCA's internal Shelterbuddy system, used to track critical animal information. Social Impact Institute helped the team design and build a sync connector between Causeview and the Shelterbuddy system.

"Now I can update a donor in one system, and it will update in the other. That gives us a 360-view of our supporters, so we can understand what animal-specific activities they've been doing – whether they've adopted or an animal of theirs has been surrendered to us and so on," explained Tristan.

"With the sheer amount of people who come to us for the animal side of the business we've really been able to leverage that in terms of fundraising."

Streamlining fundraising and supporter engagement

Using Causeview, RSPCA Queensland can now manage valuable recurring donations and information far more easily, with online donation forms automatically integrated into Salesforce for simple reporting, dashboards and financial reconciliation. This has already led to significant improvements in data management, operational efficiency and supporter engagement. Call centre operators also now have access to supporter information, boosting fundraising performance.

Better use of big data

"In the past we've relied a lot on third party agencies to manage our data. The goal is to build the infrastructure here with Social Impact Institute's help to be able to do that ourselves, so we can get accurate reporting [and] understand our income from various arms of the business," said Tristan.

This will enable RSPCA Queensland to use big data more strategically for its fundraising efforts, including better segmentation of the 300,000 direct mail pieces it sends annually.

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