Why Is Marketing Important?

Posted on March 31, 2016

When companies think ‘marketing’, many simply think ‘promotion’. But at its heart, marketing is about defining who you are as a business and connecting to your customers.

There are four key elements in marketing:

  1. Branding – It’s important you establish your brand and promote yourself consistently through your content and marketing initiatives. This is more than just a logo, it’s who you are, what you represent and how you want to do business.
  2. Your presence – Articulate the uniqueness of your brand through your marketing messages and present your business to as many relevant people as possible. This includes the locations in which you wish to become a presence. Where are your organisation’s services most relevant? Is it in major CBD locations such as Sydney and Brisbane, regional areas and outer city suburbs, or both?
  3. Connect. People choose Coke over Pepsi or Nike over Puma because they connect with the particular brand. The values and image of your brand must speak to who consumers are and what they would like to be. Build a relationship with your audience through your marketing content.
  4. Stay Relevant. Stay informed, keep learning and adjust as your market environment changes. Do what you do best, stay ahead of the pack, and look for what hasn't been done before. Fill in the gaps that your consumers and communicate with them on a social level as well as through direct marketing. 

How do you achieve this?  

Understanding your organisation and your long term goals helps you to build a marketing plan that will work for you. Never put your campaign on autopilot—check reports that show your effectiveness in reaching your audience and utilise the array of marketing resources at your disposal.

  • Design innovatively but be consistent to your key brand messages.
  • Regular Content. Update your website, social and blog pages on a weekly basis. Choose relevant content that combines engagement and SEO structure. Quality content such as images, video and testimonials from your clients and staff is essential for audiences to connect with your brand and your organisation.
  • Social. Connect your blog content with your social media pages for SEO purposes. Build your audience by sharing fun, simple and useful content but don’t bombard them. The less you look like you’re advertising, the more your audience will naturally engage.
  • Smart marketing. Choose advertising mediums that expose your organisation to your target audience at the right times and with the right cut through. Whether it is SEO, direct mail, distribution, advertising, EDM and paid search campaigns, work out which mediums are the best fit for you. 

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