Social Impact Reporting

Not for profits are increasingly focusing on offering services designed to deliver outcomes and impact. Impact is an interesting term that considers the way a program or an intervention influences the beneficiaries 'whole of life' experience. Impact may be described as:

  • positive change
  • difference or benefit
  • contribution to well-being
  • influence on future

Measuring social impact will provide data and information of significant interest to donors, funders, consumers and beneficiaries. Not for profit Boards and executive teams value a tailored social impact measurement framework for its ability to inform strategic decisions, planning, messaging and reporting.

Our ability to measure impact enables an organisation to: 

  • be reassured it is expending its resources and funds on the right things
  • refocus and/or further develop existing programs to be more successful
  • have a framework against which to develop and measure new and innovative programs
  • maximise opportunities and expenditure
  • attract impact investment funding
  • build the relationship with consumers and continue to improve services

We can help you build your social impact model, adjust your program and service models to be more effective in achieving impact, identify which data to collect and how, select the right technology and develop the accountability frameworks to give your impact model momentum. 

  • Build your social impact model
  • Align your programs and services to the impact model
  • Identify data to collect
  • Select technology solutions to support your impact model
  • Utilise impact model to achieve accountability
  • Reporting impact to key stakeholders

Measuring social impact provides data and information of significant interest to donors, funders, consumers and beneficiaries. A social impact measurement framework informs strategic decisions, planning, messaging and reporting for your board and executive team.


Social Impact Institute, through its data analysis and research experience, offers a unique value proposition that will support your ideas and contribute to your strategy and success. 


Social Impact Institute offers demographic data, reporting and analysis. Importantly, we are able to offer a data overlay solution, enabling de-identified consumer or supporter data to be overlayed on ABS, ATO or other data sets. 


Social Impact Institute is well placed to work with you to conduct a strategic review, formulate a development plan and support its implementation. We are mindful of the importance of creating a positive journey for the organisation and its people. 

An ability to assimilate change and meet new challenges is one of the most important commodities in today’s market.


Marketing is complex, but at its centre is a story. It revolves around a central image and message that upholds your values and makes a connection with your audience.


Technology should solve problems, not create them. 

It can increase efficiencies, enhance your relationship with clients, give accessibility through devices, provide vital reporting capabilities, ensure data security and increase your potential and capability for organisational growth.


Our fundraising team has a wealth of insight gained at the coalface of successful charities and social enterprises both in Australia and overseas. They are experts in multi-channel fundraising program design and delivery.


People make their aesthetic judgement of you in less than a second. This is why we design print and electronic marketing materials with the user in mind; with simplicity and familiarity as well as aesthetic appeal.

We do it by finding the cleverest conventions and creating an end result that is emotive and connects with the target audience.


Coaching may assist you to clarify goals, develop tailored solutions to problems, identify and address barriers to success and can offer a crucial ingredient to the success of your organisation. 



We collaborate with you to find creative solutions to complex problems. We are best known for tailoring the right approach that fits with your mission and values. Then partnering through implementation to complement your team with our expertise.

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